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Lifetime Membership Has Its Privileges!

American Community Garden Conference 2023 - Houston, TX

Yes, that’s me on stage totally excited to accept my lifetime membership with the American Community Garden Association (ACGA) in Houston, Texas during the ACGA 2023 conference. My lifetime membership holds significant personal meaning for me. It represents a lifelong commitment to supporting and promoting community gardening, a cause that I deeply believe in and am passionate about.

First and foremost, being a lifetime member of ACGA signifies my dedication to fostering community connections and sustainability through gardening. It means that I am invested in the long-term success and growth of community gardens across the nation, understanding their vital role in enhancing local food security, promoting environmental stewardship, and creating inclusive spaces for people to come together.

As a lifetime member, and newly elected board member as of 2024, I have the privilege of ongoing involvement and support for ACGA's initiatives, programs, and efforts.

Whether it's attending conferences, participating in workshops, or engaging in outreach activities, my membership provides me with a platform to collaborate, exchange ideas, and learn from fellow members.

I encourage you to become a lifetime member too, it comes with the privilege of making a lasting impact on the world around us. You get the privilege of contributing to the creation of healthier, more sustainable communities for generations to come.

By: Merlon Harper

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Thanks for a wonderful upbeat message, Merlon! You capture exactly how I feel about being a life member. Congratulations on your election to the ACGA Board, and I look forward to more of your posts.

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