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Looking for a garden?

Begin by looking at the map on this page and clicking on the "map tack" with numbers in the approximate location you are interested in. For instance, our "Texas area" shows 274 gardens. Clicking will take you to a progressively smaller scale. Good luck!

Also, check to see if there is a community gardening organization in your area, such as P-Patch in Seattle, DUG in Denver, or the Vermont Community Gardening Network in Vermont, to name a few. Cooperative Extension may also be helpful, as can Park and Recreation departments.

As fellow community gardeners, we know what it's like to want a place to garden but not be able to find one. Hang in there, and you'll succeed.

Your garden details have been succesfully submitted.


1.) Please do not submit PO Box addresses.

2.) Allow time for your garden submissions to be synced with our mapping application.

Multiple Locations:

Do you have 10, 20, 30 or hundreds of garden locations you'd like added to our database? If so, consider downloading the ACGA Garden Submission Template.


Enter your garden locations and return the file to

Put your garden on the map

Help others find your garden by sharing your information, which we will add to the map. Fill in the simple form below and we'll do the rest.
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