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Community Garden Spotlight of the Month: Eden Garden, Joliet, Illinois


The Inspirational Journey of Eden Garden

This month, we are thrilled to shine a spotlight on Eden Garden, nestled in the suburban landscape of Joliet, Illinois.
Founded on the visionary dreams of Mother Bates, affectionately known as the Garden Godmother, Eden Garden embodies a testament to collaboration and community spirit. Through her tireless efforts and collaboration with Pastor Dwayne Barefield, Eden Garden emerged from the vacant footprint of All Nations Church, blossoming into a vibrant hub of growth and transformation. With a dedicated team of part-time staff and volunteers, Eden Garden has flourished into a beacon of hope for the underserved communities it serves. Led by the innovative curriculum crafted by administrator Melvin Leach, the garden offers hands-on seed-to-table gardening classes tailored to children affected by food deserts, inflation, and redlined communities.
In under two years, the garden has become a catalyst for change, empowering children to cultivate their own produce, explore garden-fresh recipes, and embrace healthier snack options. Through their unwavering dedication, the children have even launched a line of farm-to-table herbs, sourced entirely from their humble garden, to support the community financially.
Last harvest season, the impact of Eden Garden reverberated far beyond its borders, with children donating nearly a ton of fresh produce to the Joliet Pantry through All Nations Church. Their commitment to self-sufficiency and community empowerment continues to inspire, with plans underway to expand their seven-pillar curriculum and outreach efforts.
As we celebrate the resilience and ingenuity of Eden Garden, we invite you to join us on this journey of growth and transformation. Through sharing our stories and experiences, we can create vibrant gardens and thriving communities nationwide.
For more information and to follow Eden Garden's journey, visit their Instagram page @HBFJoliet1998, and stay tuned for the launch of their website. Excellence is indeed loading here, and the world eagerly awaits the continued impact of Eden Garden on the surrounding community and beyond.

Interested in submitting your garden for a chance to be featured as the Community Garden Spotlight of the Month? Click HERE.

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