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Community Garden Spotlight of the Month: East Snyder Community Garden- Selinsgrove, PA


East Synder Community Garden

This month, we are proud to feature the East Snyder Community Garden (ESCG) located in the rural heart of Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. Since its establishment in 2012, ESCG has embodied the spirit of community gardening through its volunteer operation. The garden is situated at 971 University Ave, Selinsgrove, PA 17870, and can be reached via email at
ESCG operates in a rural community and is volunteer-based. With over 50 plots and an equal number of members, this garden has become a beacon of community engagement and sustainable practices. The garden’s members are dedicated to maintaining a space where everyone can grow and learn together.
One of the standout features of ESCG is its robust educational programming, open to both members and the public. The garden offers a diverse range of workshops and activities, including composting, seed saving, wild edibles, fireflies, rain barrel workshops, soil analysis explanations, and fermentation. Additionally, ESCG hosts programs for summer campers and sets up tables at the farmer’s market with activities for youth, thereby fostering a love for gardening in the younger generation.
Beyond education, ESCG is deeply committed to giving back to the community through its produce donation program. The garden supports several local food banks and community organizations, including Loaves and Fishes, GraceWorks, YMCA/Sunbury, Martha's Table, Shepherds Pie, Meals4Seals, and KidsGrove food pantry. To ensure the freshness of their donations, ESCG uses a solar-powered refrigerator to store vegetables. Moreover, they brighten the lives of nursing home residents by providing cut flowers weekly.
In today’s digital age, ESCG has effectively utilized social media and online platforms to connect with the broader community. They maintain an active presence on Facebook and Instagram, as well as a dedicated website. These platforms are used to advertise activities, share information about the garden, and engage with their audience.
The story of East Snyder Community Garden is a testament to the power of community and the impact of dedicated volunteers. Since its inception, ESCG has upheld the mission of maintaining a community garden opportunity for all. Members contribute in various ways—growing extra produce for donation, cutting flowers for nursing homes, offering educational workshops, helping fellow gardeners, maintaining the garden, or serving on the garden board. This collective effort ensures that the garden not only thrives but also enriches the lives of those it touches.
ESCG’s values of community, education, sustainability, and service are evident in every aspect of their operation. They prioritize creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone can participate and benefit from the joys of gardening. Their commitment to sustainability is reflected in their practices, such as using solar power and promoting composting and seed saving.
As we celebrate the East Snyder Community Garden, we are reminded of the incredible potential that lies within each community garden. By sharing stories like theirs, we hope to inspire others to cultivate their own spaces of growth and community. Together, we can build a network of resilient, vibrant gardens that nourish our communities and our planet.
To learn more about East Snyder Community Garden and their inspiring work, visit their website ( or follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Join us in celebrating their achievements and supporting their mission to create a greener, more connected world.

Interested in submitting your garden for a chance to be featured as the Community Garden Spotlight of the Month? Click HERE.

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