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Community Garden Spotlight of the Month

Ranson Community Garden


Cultivating Connection and Sustainability in West Virginia

Nestled in the heart of Ranson, West Virginia, the Ranson Community Garden stands as a testament to the power of community, education, and sustainable living. This volunteer-based garden has become a thriving hub for residents, offering not just a space to grow plants but also a platform for learning, environmental awareness, and community engagement.

Location and Size:

Situated in the rural landscape of Ranson, this garden has a range of 21 to 50 plots, the garden accommodates a diverse community of 21 to 50 members who come together to cultivate a shared love for gardening and environmental stewardship.

The Unique Garden Story:

Ranson Community Garden thrives in a unique space, straddling the line between rural and suburban environments. Positioned as a '3rd place' for the community, it offers more than just a place to grow plants. The garden hosts hands-on classes focusing on local issues like river and stream health. A rainwater capture system, powered by solar energy, irrigates the garden beds, showcasing a commitment to sustainable practices.

In a collaborative effort with local schools, the garden extends its impact by providing workshops for both teachers and students. For those seeking solace or a leisurely stroll, the garden features a Monarch Way Station and Veggie Trail, creating a tranquil space for relaxation and reflection.

Ranson Community Garden has successfully condensed a myriad of initiatives into its compact space, transforming it into a true '3rd place' for the people of the community. As the garden continues to blossom, it remains a symbol of unity, growth, and sustainability in the heart of Ranson, West Virginia.

Educational Initiatives:

At the core of Ranson Community Garden's mission is education. With a commitment to empowering its members, the garden provides a range of educational programs. From

insightful environmental sessions to hands-on gardening classes, residents have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of local issues, sustainability, and horticulture.

Composting Program:

Recognizing the importance of sustainable waste management, Ranson Community Garden operates an onsite composting program. The compost pile serves as a collaborative effort among resident gardeners to reduce waste and enrich the soil, contributing to the overall health of the garden.

Online Presence:

To connect with a broader audience and keep the community informed, Ranson Community Garden leverages various online platforms. The garden's website ( serves as a digital documentation hub, while their social media presence on Facebook ( and Instagram (ransongardens) ensures that information and updates are easily accessible to all.

Interested in submitting your garden for a chance to be featured as the community garden spotlight of the month? Click HERE.

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Alec Hart
Alec Hart
Apr 26

Such extracurricular activities are very meaningful. I support enhancing such activities for schools instead of traveling. cluster rush

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