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2024 Winter Board Meeting: Preparing for Success

The 2024 American Community Garden Association (ACGA) winter board meeting was held at the Hillsborough County Entrepreneur Collaborative Center in Tampa, Florida on March 22, and March 23. Board members convened to deliberate and decide on crucial matters regarding the upcoming conference and set ambitious goals for the year ahead. The meeting brought together twelve board members in person, with an additional three joining remotely, highlighting the organization's commitment to inclusivity and effective communication.

One of the primary agenda items was selecting the location for the next ACGA conference, a decision fraught with considerations to ensure the event maximizes learning, experiences, and value for participants. After listening to compelling pitches for each potential location, the board is carefully weighing the merits of hosting the conference in either Tampa, Florida, or Boston, Massachusetts.

Amidst discussions about the conference, President Cathy Walker and committee chairpersons provided updates on program statuses and articulated the organization's goals for the year. President Walker shared her vision, emphasizing the importance of spotlighting more community gardens, increasing membership, and engaging youth in the movement. Additionally, she underscored the aim of elevating ACGA's visibility by forging partnerships with government and corporate entities, with members encouraged to actively promote the organization among their networks.

Overall, the board meeting was characterized by thoughtful deliberation, strategic planning, and a shared commitment to advancing the mission of ACGA. It served as a platform for collaborative decision-making and setting ambitious yet achievable goals that will guide the organization's efforts in the coming year.

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A great start to a live meeting from ACGA! Hopefully the organization will continue to develop according to its mission in the future! mario games


Unknown member
Mar 03

Again, Merlon, you do a very fine job of capturing the spirit of the in-person Board meeting. Thanks very much for keeping membership posted, and good luck to ACGA on selecting a site for the 2024 annual conference. Sounds like the Board is off to a good start!

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