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ACGA Conference 2022
New Orleans October 6-9

The American Community Gardening Association invites all community gardeners and garden organizations, urban farmers, environmental stewards, and all friends who cultivate food and justice to join us for ACGA’s 2022 Conference in New Orleans.

ACGA conferences are unique, a place to meet and share ideas with community gardeners and garden organizations from across North America. They are informative, inspiring, and fun.


The dates are October 6 through October 9, 2022. It’s a beautiful time of year in the Big Easy, perfect weather for visiting gardens and enjoying NOLA’s legendary music and cuisine. Mark your calendars now, and watch this site for more information about attending, as well as about presenting. The conference is the perfect venue for sharing your stories and insights from your own garden and organization. See you in October!)

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My presidential message for September and late August is simple: I'll see you all in New Orleans for ACGA's national community gardening conference! It's going to be great - great ideas, great energy, and of course the great city, music, and culture of New Orleans. See you there!


Cathy Walker, President

The American Community Gardening Association.

See you all at the conference!

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Click here to download our latest newsletter, with up-to-date conference information plus recipes and community garden ideas.
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Stay COVID-safe with ACGA

ACGA is committed to reducing the risk of Covid at our conference. 

We urge everyone attending or presenting to be fully vaccinated and boosted. In addition, everyone should have a negative COVID test 24 hours prior to arrival, since even vaccinated people can have an active asymptomatic infection that may endanger others. If you are not feeling well, please stay home and do not attend the conference.


We suggest that all attendees and presenters follow the New Orleans Health Department Guidelines while visiting New Orleans, both at the conference and when enjoying local attractions.

Although Health Department guidelines now make masks optional in many settings, we encourage people to mask, and may require it in some situations.  Masking is one of the best ways to protect our fellow gardeners who may be more at risk, including those with compromised immune systems and senior citizens.

Thank you for sharing ACGA’s commitment to inclusion, science-based public health recommendations, and truly making our conference welcoming and safe for everyone.

Photo: AmeriCorps volunteers at the Tarrent Area Food Bank in Fort Worth, Texas, build soil through composting at their community garden during the the worst of the pandemic. (Photo courtesy Susan Barker)

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High marks and ACGA's new annual report

As you consider your plans for end-of-year contributions to your favorite organizations, you not only want to make the world greener, healthier, and more just; you also want your money to be used wisely. Highly respected non-profit rating agency Guidestar has given ACGA its Siver rating for transparency. To find out more about what we are doing, read about us in our 2020 Annual Report, compiled by ACGA Board Member (and ardent birder) Marilu Lopez-Fretts. 


Community gardening

ACGA is a great place to ask questions and share perspectives about all aspects of community gardening. You can ask us directly via our contact form, post a note on our "Common Ground" forum, buy copies of our annual magazine addressing different community garden topics at our shop, or visit our Tool Shed page for links and references.  Last but not least, you can post your garden or find a garden using our interactive garden map.

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