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Gardening in Challenging Times


The American Community Gardening Association

Hampton, Virginia • September 23 - 26, 2021


ACGA conferences are renowned for transformative presentations, and 2021 is no exception. To find out more and to download a full list of workshops covering all aspects of community gardening, click HERE or on the photo. Also, earn more about the charms of our host city by the sea, Hampton, Virginia, and about accommodations and registration...(LEARN MORE)

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Pre-conference special workshop
Hampton University

Garden Ecology:
We are all integrated pest managers.

On Thursday August 23, from 1-4 PM, popular biology professor Dr. Shawn Dash will explore the ecology of community food gardens. It's a fascinating topic, and one that can truly help gardeners make a difference in caring for our threatened planet....(LEARN MORE)

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Like its venerable oaks - almost 5 centuries old! - Hampton has witnessed a long and inspiring history, but that's just the starting point. Here you can enjoy beaches, nature, historical explorations, fun, and more. You can even learn about zucchinis and zinnias grown in outer space (this is true!) at NASA's Langley Center. Come for the conference, but Hampton is sure you'll enjoy the city too...(LEARN MORE)

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For safety's sake, we will require all conference attendees to be fully vaccinated and  to show proof of vaccination. We also will follow CDC recommendations including indoor masking at all times for all attendees, and social distancing. Please read our COVID-19 statement for more details, and please stay safe and healthy in your home gardens, too.

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