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NASA Meets SuperFoods?

h5.2 hampton cooks NASA copy.jpg
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The NASA museum in Hampton at their Langley facility is an obvious draw if you are interested in technology and space exploration, but what about us down-to-earth gardeners?

Well, turns out there's quite a lot we can learn. Yes, that really is an unretouched photo of a zucchini plant growing at the International Space Station. Not only that, but Astronaut Scott Kelly, a truly cosmic gardener, even got zinnias to bloom, the first plants to flower in space!

There's more: A team of culinary students from Hampton's Phoebus High cooked up a dish specifically for the Space Station crew, and won NASA's "HUNCH" culinary challenge. The dish - spicy Jamaican rice and beans with coconut milk - was over the moon, astronauts said. Even the European crew member liked it!

A trip to the NASA exhibits in Hampton is sure to be an apogee of your visit.

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Hampton students' recipe goes into orbit...

NASA's space zucchini

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