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Chesapeake Bay is one of American's ecological treasures, one that sustained both the original Americans of the First Nations and then colonists and workers from England, Africa, and elsewhere. A rich habitat for marine life and birds, the Chesapeake has become a major focus of environmental efforts to clean up and protect this national treasure. For birders and all who love the outdoors, Chesapeake Bay, right on Hampton's doorstep, offers countless opportunities for exploring, learning, and simply appreciating nature.

How we save the bay (Hampton website)

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Grandview Nature Preserve and Park

Four favorite hiking trails in Hampton

A special word of thanks to the Chesapeake Bay Program, an interdisciplinary collaboration working to safeguard and understand the Bay. They are responsible for the lovely photo of the snowy egret and red-winged blackbird shown here, and dozens of other photos on their website and shared on Flickr as public domain. They deserve our thanks and support (and let's all go easy on the nitrogen fertilizer, conventional or organic, and just stop using plastic bags in our gardens, right now.)

The Chesapeake Bay Program

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