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September 27-30, 2023
Houston, Texas


Enter your garden in ACGA's 2023 
Community garden contest

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Every community garden is special, ACGA knows, but we invite you to share all the reasons why your garden especially stands out. Enter our BEST OF competition, open to all our member gardens. We will publicize  and celebrate the winners at our conference in Houston this fall. The grand prize winner can win a free admission to the Houston Conference, or a garden-themed award.


It's easy to apply. Just click on our entry form and follow instructions, and upload a few pictures that show us what you're up to. Application deadline is September 1, 2023. Contact if you have any questions. Good luck!


As president of ACGA I would like to thank you for your continued support of the American Community Gardening Association. (ACGA)


We as Community Gardeners are fighters. No matter what we are faced with, we continue to:

  • To provide a safe place for our families and neighbors to gather.

  • We provide food to those that are in need.

  • We are helping lower crime in our neighborhoods

  • We are protecting the environment by increasing the quality of the air we breathe.

  • And most of all we help feed our families and lower our food bills.


I believe that everyone should be involved in some capacity in community gardening. We as community gardeners need to continue to educate people on the importance of community gardens, the importance of healthy food, learning the importance of the environment, teaching our youth where food comes from, learning new science concepts and gaining invaluable life skills. It  is my hope that I said something to make you feel like you’re someone that can and will make a difference.


I would like to leave you with this; “Mother nature does not know the color of your skin, we are all equal in the garden and fields”.



Cathy Walker

President's message


Community gardening questions?

ACGA is a great place to ask questions and share perspectives about all aspects of community gardening. You can ask us directly via our contact form, buy copies of our annual magazine addressing different community garden topics at our Shop, or visit our Resources page for links and references.  Last but not least, you can post your garden or find a garden using our interactive garden map.

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