Growing Communities Workshop 2019 Series

Atlanta, GA (October 24th and 25th)
Albany, GA (November 7th and 8th)
Savannah, GA (November 14th and 15th)


ACGA has partnered with the USDA to offer Growing Communities Workshops in three Georgia metropolitan areas. For nearly 40 years ACGA has recognized that there needs to be as much, if not more, attention to developing the HUMAN infrastructure – the COMMUNITY – of the garden.  The goal of the ACGA Growing Communities Workshop is to build SUSTAINABLE community gardens by focusing on the people.


What is it?

Growing Communities is an in-depth, 2-day hands-on workshop based on the ACGA's curriculum for community development, Growing Communities: Community Building and Organizational Development through Community Gardening. Participants learn proven strategies that community organizers use to develop dynamic leaders and create strong community gardening programs through a participatory approach to community building. As a "train the trainers" session, attendees learn the principles and practices of community building, and how to pass these techniques on to others in their community by conducting their own workshops. 


The workshop will also include recipes to prepare Super Foods of Georgia along with highlights of the recent Farm Bill and a tour of a local farm/community garden.


Some specific topics covered in the workshop include: Community Organizing, Leadership Development, Grassroots Fundraising, Communications Planning, Coalition Building, Asset-Based Community Development, Meeting Facilitation, and Developing a Board of Directors.



What are the benefits?

These are just some of the comments from participants at recent ACGA Growing Communities Workshops. 


“Now I feel empowered to help my community grow together.” Great Falls, Mont.


“Probably the best community building workshop I have ever been to – gardening related or otherwise!!!”  Charleston, W.Va.


 “It provided me with the tools not only to organize gardens, but also [to organize] other projects in group and community settings.”  St. Paul, Minn.


“This workshop was phenomenal: it gave me the knowledge, skills, tools, and inspiration to organize my community in two days; normally, it would have taken me years!” Charlottesville


Community gardening is most successful and long lasting when the people affected by the garden have a role in leading the development of the garden.  Including individuals from diverse backgrounds in all stages of the planning process creates stronger programs and neighborhoods and enriches the experience of gardening.  Focusing on a community’s assets, rather than on problems, leads to building a community.  Offering opportunities for community members to experience themselves and their communities in new and empowering ways provides for the seeds for long-lasting change.  This is transformation.  This is the foundation for community gardening and community building.


Who should attend?

Gardeners, leaders, educators, volunteers, supporters of community gardening and greening, master gardeners, and others seeking to use community gardening to meet their program objectives and create healthy communities.

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